APEX CETACEA - Guardians of the Deep

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APEX CETACEA - Guardians of the Deep

Guardians of the Deep – APEX CETACEA

The Bay of Biscay is home to some of the most beautiful creatures on our planet – the cetaceans. These aquatic mammals, which include whales, dolphins, and porpoises, have long captivated human imaginations. But in our quest for modernization, many of these beautiful creatures are at risk. Enter APEX CETACEA, a dedicated team striving to study, understand, and protect them.

Understanding to protect

APEX CETACEA's efforts go beyond mere observation. They are engaged in:

- Geographical Studies: By studying the position data of cetacean sightings and their trajectories, the team aims to identify their preferred habitats. This vital data assists communities in enhancing conservation measures.

- Photo-Identification: Recognizing individuals is crucial. Through meticulous photo-identification, every unique cetacean can be tracked, ensuring each one is accounted for and studied.

- Behavioral Insights: Observing cetaceans in various conditions gives us a window into their lives. Whether on board or immersed alongside them, these observations are crucial to understanding them better.

- Sharing and Teaching: It's not just about research. APEX CETACEA understands the importance of sharing knowledge. By partnering with national and international research institutions and educating the general public, they ensure everyone can participate in the conservation journey.

As the great oceanographer Jacques Yves Cousteau once said, "We protect what we love and we love what we know."

A Partnership of Vision and Purpose

VOITED, a brand synonymous with sustainability and love for nature, is excited to announce its collaboration with APEX CETACEA. We had the extraordinary opportunity to join APEX on an expedition, witnessing dolphins and whales in the Gouf de Capbreton. Imagine the serenity – humans and cetaceans, coexisting in harmony.

However, the journey doesn't end there. The collaboration is set to result in a limited edition release next year. This endeavor not only celebrates the beauty of marine life but also amplifies the message of conservation.

Join the Movement

Every voice matters in this mission. By booking a ride with APEX, not only do you get to marvel at these magnificent creatures, but you also become an advocate for their protection. Let's come together to protect the marine ecosystem we so dearly cherish.

Stay with us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference.

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