Consciously change and enrich the quality of your outdoor experience

Our mission is to create unique, eco-friendly products that are purposeful and inspire us to get out there. By combining our love for the outdoors with our dedication to lessen the impact that manufacturing has on the environment, we create collections that blend creativity, performance, quality and value.
We integrate only the best eco-conscious materials with the most useful features and we design with multiple purposes, high functionality and sustainability in mind. Our lightweight, durable and packable products are equipped with useful details to save you time and space so that you can purely enjoy your adventures.

# Step Into Comfort


At VOITED, we blend state-of-the-art recycled fabrics and contemporary design, creating high-performance products. All products are made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

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VOITED products always have multiple purposes. This concept runs through every product category and makes our products unique.

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Every product and every product detail fulfills a true need for outdoor enthusiasts, whenever there's a need to "Step into Comfort".

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Always striving for a responsible production model

In 2018, we set out to increase the scale of consciousness of what buying a useful product does for the consumer and for the environment. We conceptualized a digitally native brand to manufacture products directly to the end consumer and avoiding wastage. In an effort towards responsible ownership and production, we envisioned a brand dedicated to avoiding the depletion of natural resources by creating eco-friendly products from ethically sourced raw materials. 4 new product categories and millions of recycled plastic bottles later, we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. Yet, brand sustainability is work in progress - in all our processes we will continue to push for improvement.

We have worked very hard to achieve such sustainable and responsible practices. It's a project shared between the people who make our products and those responsible for VOITED. We are continually striving for zero waste and zero impact on the environment.


Since the very beginning, VOITED collaborates with inspirational and passionate creatives, brands, and organizations around the world. We provide a platform for talented designers and like-minded companies and nonprofits to co-create products that reflect their passions and individual style. Past collaborations include products with brands like Carhartt or Kenzo, creatives like Chad Eaton, Maus Haus, Britt Woodward, Van Life Diaries or organizations like Earth Justice, Choose Love, JustDiggit or Native Hope, just to name a few.

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