Maus Haus x VOITED

Four exclusive blanket designs

About Maus Haus

I am an artist/illustrator living and working in Brisbane, Australia. I grew up in the Northern Rivers of NSW where I was surrounded by beautiful beaches, creeks and mountains. Looking back, I was always drawing, painting or creating something and my parents were really encouraging of that. Eventually this led to a fine arts degree at Queensland University of Technology, and while I felt like I couldn't really 'make it' as an artist at the time I turned to the digital world and became a UX Designer. I have been lucky enough in the last year to have my platform as an artist grow and take it full time, embracing both the fine arts side as well as the digital."


"The design of 'Day and Night' came from my personal reflection and readings into the concept of yin and yang at the time - the dualistic, interconnected and ever-changing nature of the universe. It's the idea that the balance in everything is dynamic and constantly changing. For example winter gives way to spring, and spring gives way to summer; day turns into night, and night turns into day." 

"I guess I have always been sensitive to colours and shapes. A lot of my memories are about what colour clothes a person was wearing or the colour of the mountains when I went on a hike. In a pretty cliched way, my work is a representation of my experiences through colour and form, and it's usually nature because when I'm amongst it, it's when I'm most at peace. I like to think that my work has a subtle undertone of environmentalism as well, to remind others of the beauty our natural world has to offer, and to do what we can to take care of it.

For 'Blue Mountain', I took inspiration from the way that the morning golden sunlight hits snow capped mountains. The contrast of the blues, whites and oranges is breathtaking.

'Jasper' is loosely inspired by a photo of a lake in Jasper, Alberta I found years ago. It has been on my bucket list for a long time and I hoped that making a work inspired by it would manifest myself being there in person. This design is about dreaming to travel to our favourite places."

The 'Galaxy' design was inspired by the wonders of different planetary landscapes and the boundless possibilities of space.


Maus Haus