The difference between the Slumbers

The difference between the Slumbers

Step seamlessly from conquering the wild to enjoying a cozy night's sleep with VOITED's game-changing gear. For the fearless adventurers who thrive on roughing it out, these products redefine outdoor comfort.

Meet the Slumber Jacket 

The Slumber Jacket effortlessly transitions from a sleek puffy coat to a dreamy sleep haven with just one zip, offering unparalleled versatility. Step out of your comfort zone without stepping out of comfort. Just tuck away the foot compartment into its built-in pouch, transforming your gear into a puffy coat for unrestricted movement. When it's time to unwind, zip up the foot compartment for a snug and cozy slumber.

Meet the Slumber Zip Sack

Elevate your outdoor snooze game with the Slumber Zip Sack—a perfect fusion of sleeping bag functionality and the warmth of a blanket. Enjoy the same durable versatility as the PillowBlanket™, now enhanced with a two-way zipper for ultimate comfort and warmth. What else sets it apart? Crafted from REPREVE® Our Ocean™ fabric, this innovative gear is made from recycled ocean-bound plastic bottles, making it a sustainable choice that actively combats plastic pollution in our precious oceans. Unwind with a clear conscience and a warm embrace of eco-friendly comfort.

With VOITED essentials, outdoor slumber has never been this comfortable. Experience the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation under the stars with our innovative gear that effortlessly adapts to your every move.

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